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Tips with Healthy Eating Desserts

December 3, 2009 4:43 pm
posted by Lucy

Tips with Healthy Eating Desserts

Use fruits – stew in cinnamon and nutmeg

Use vegetables – carrots, beetroot, squash

Compote – dried fruit, cover with water and cinnamon stick, boil and zest of lemon

Flapjacks with nuts, seeds and fruit

Pies or crumbles with ground nuts, oats and rice flour

Use of desiccated coconut

Use fruit juices as a liquid


Rice pudding (make with coconut milk or brown rice milk with a little cinnamon)

Couscous pudding (raisin, vanilla extract, cashew, apple juice)

Tofu and cashew cream (hand blend with a little apple juice concentrate)

Oat custard – leftover cooked oats and cashew  and apple juice concentrate and blend

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