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Great resource website – healthy eater planner

May 17, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday - May 17th

I've just found this great PDF on the Bord Bia website and thought I'd share it - its a great start for a healthy eating plan:

My only tips with regard the healthy eating recipes would be:

Where they fry things in oil, for example the lamb burgers, I would suggest putting in the oven at 180 for 20 - 30 mins or until cooked. Cooking in oil has been linked to increased rates of heart disease.

They also tend to start many of their dishes with a saute of onions and oil or a saute of vegetables in oil. Here you can substitute with a healthy saute  - place the onions or veggies in the pan with a little water - again, it takes out the need for heating the oil.

For healthy living, chose extra virgin olive oil and keep it cool for your salads!

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