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Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup

January 13, 2016
Posted by Lucy

Its January. Its cold. Everything around me is screaming slow down, comfort,enjoy and take time out. So its the perfect to make a big bowl of soup and nourish your soul. I’m trying to keep a cold at bay so I want something filled with antioxidants to boost my immune system and naturally warming properties. […]

Green Smoothie Recipes

July 16, 2015
Posted by Lucy

A range of Green Smoothie Recipes to get you started: Smoothies can be a great way of boosting your daily diet with extra nutrients. In order to get the most of your smoothies, I’ve put together a few basic tips: Smoothies are a great booster, but they are not a meal. Use them as a […]

Avocado, Orange and Chicken Salad

March 16, 2015
Posted by Lucy

Its not very often I crave salad in the winter, I tend to be attracted to warmer foods. Yet, on this day, I saw a range of ingredients in my kitchen and just started putting them together –  I loved the result! Do you notice that you crave certain foods at certain times of the […]

Healthy Lunch Ideas: Roasted Parsnip Soup

September 24, 2014
Posted by Lucy

Roasted Parsnip soup: As the autumn air and the shorter nights approach, I am drawn towards warmer foods and soups. Roasting vegetables before adding to soup can be a great way of enhancing the taste and making the soup richer. I have used root ginger to add even more warmth to this roasted parsnip soup […]

Carrot and Red Lentil Soup

September 18, 2013
Posted by Lucy

Carrot and Red Lentil Soup: Well, its turning wintery and our tastes are starting to change! I’ve had salad leaves for a week in the fridge, untouched, and all I want is warm comforting foods. Food can be warming in two main ways. They are hot in temperature (soups, stews and roasts are perfect) or […]

Chilli and Garlic Brussels Sprouts

December 22, 2011
Posted by Lucy

The Muscles of Brussels This week I’ll be talking about one of the most powerfully beneficial greens for our health. The Brussels sprout is synonymous with Christmas dinners but given their positive impact on health, you should make them a vegetable for throughout the winter. Brussels sprouts health benefits are far reaching. The fibre in […]

Roasted Squash Soup

November 18, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Naturally sweetening with Roasted Squash Soup I had a conversation with someone recently about one of my sweet potato soup recipes. The feedback was the soup didn’t taste very sweet and was a little tasteless.  When I started asking questions, I realised that the sweet potato used was quite white inside and sounded under ripe.  […]

Chickpea and Butternut Squash Stew

November 10, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Cooking with Winter squashes: Chickpea and butternut squash stew The pumpkin frenzy of the last few weeks has reminded me about the great variety of squashes and pumpkins we have available in Ireland. At this time of year, these colourful vegetables are ideal for winter soups, stews and warm salads. The added benefit is that […]

Cauliflower and Roasted Beet Salad

November 3, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Supporting Detox with Cauliflower and Roasted Beet Salad The word detox is an overused and sometimes misunderstood term. It is one of the questions I get asked most about when I am doing talks or discussing the role food plays in health. The body needs to process and detoxify itself in order to keep the body in […]

Parsnip and Haricot bean Soup

October 13, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Parsnip and Haricot bean Soup The Autumn is well underway and I’ve just received my first batch of parsnips from my community growers scheme. I’ve realised that is it becomes colder, our tastes begin to change and our eating patterns change with it. Root vegetables seem to sum up winter eating: whether you are talking […]

Sweet potato and sage soup

September 29, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Sweet Potato soup OK, there is no denying it. We are starting to put on the heating and light the fires.  As the weather starts to get more wintery, we change our wardrobes and also our eating habits. To help us stay warm this winter, we naturally begin to eat more soups, stews and casseroles, […]

Asparagus Heaven

June 9, 2011
Posted by Lucy

  Starting again with good health It’s like all of a sudden the new season has started! In the markets, delis and supermarkets, we have the first round of the new crops from Spring. It’s so great to see all of the tasty local produce coming from Irish fields that have been recently pickled and […]

New Potato Salad

June 3, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Friday 3rd June Check out my article in the Cork Independent featuring asparagus or read below: The New Year of Food It’s almost like New Years Eve again. We are finished with May, the ‘Hungry Month’, where the crops from the last growing season have come to an end while the new round of […]

Carla’s Pea and Mint soup

May 20, 2011
Posted by Lucy

The Perfect Pea I was out to lunch the other day as part of the Network Cork’s Business Womens awards, where some of Cork’s top business women were awarded for all their hard work and success. It was a fabulous lunch, at Augustines restaurant at the Clarion, and one of the things on the menu […]

Sweet potato chips

May 13, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Friday 13th May Check out my article in today’s Cork Independent or read below: Trying Something New I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with Cork Independent’s Editor, Deirdre O Shaughnessy, about the great taste of sweet potatoes. I had done a sweet potato recipe that had involved baking the potato and Deirdre didn’t like […]

Hay fever busting stir fry

April 29, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Friday 29th April Check out my article in the Cork Independent today or read below: Something in the air There has been something in the air for the last few weeks and I think it’s something other than love… Sneezing, itchy eyes and running noses generally mean one thing: that hay fever time of year. […]

Leek and Butternut soup

Thursday 24th March Check out my article in today’s Cork Independent on one pot wonders or read below: One pot wonders I was making up a soup the other day as part of my Spring detox programme, hoping I could put the complete meal into the one pot.  I have taken out wheat and […]

Broccoli and Leek Omelette recipe

February 24, 2011
Posted by Lucy

The Beauty of Broccoli Fruits and vegetables are amazing foods. The more we learn about them, the more we realise that they bring with them all sorts of health benefits. Not only do they contain vitamin and minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients (powerful anti-oxidants) but they also contain different types of fibre that help to keep […]

Beetroot Tzatziki Dip

January 26, 2011
Posted by Lucy

I’ve found the best beetroots this winter – I’m not sure if the frost brought out all the sweetness. Not only have I been cooking with them an awful lot but I have also been reminding myself of just how great they are… Not only are beetroots a great source of fibre but they are also packed […]

Carrot and Beetroot soup

January 20, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Thursday 26th January Check out my article in today’s Cork Independent for some simple and easy to use tips on how to stay hydrated throughout the day. The article also discusses why drinking enough water during the day is so important in terms of health. Check out fluid filled soup below, one of my favourites […]

Asian Broccoli Soup

January 13, 2011
Posted by Lucy

Thursday 13th January Check out my article today in the Cork Independent, teaching you how to pack the goodness in to what you are eating: I’ve also wrote a great Asian Broccoli soup which is packed full of broccoli goodness.I often promote broccoli and all green leafy vegetables as part of people’s healthy eating […]

Sweet Potato and Butterbean soup

December 25, 2010
Posted by Lucy

December 10th Sweet Potato and Butterbean soup 1 tin of butterbeans (washed) 3 medium sweet potatoes (peeled and chopped) 2 small onions (chopped) 1 inch fresh root ginger (grated) ½ teaspoon ground cumin 2 cloves of garlic (crushed) Sea salt and pepper to taste 1 litre of boiling water Place the onions in a large saucepan […]

Tasty Kale or Collard Greens

December 23, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Kale is a great vegetable for the liver and for a healthy digestive tract. Collard greens are in the same family and can also be cooked like this: Tasty Kale ¼ teaspoon ground cumin seeds ¼  teaspoon ground coriander seeds ¼ teaspoon of turmeric 1 clove of garlic – crushed 1 small bag or 150g […]

Leek and Parsnip soup

December 1, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday December 1st Check out my blog today on Local markets or see below: Leeks are part of a family called the Allium, containing its great cousins garlic, onions and shallots and chives. This family is well-known for its health benefits and its great if you try to include these in your diet everyday. Why? This family contains […]

Spagetti Squash soup

November 24, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 24th November Check out my article today on for Local markets: We are really in the thick of winter and soup season is in full swing!! I got spaghetti squash in my veggie box the other day and found it lovely. To be honest, it looks just like any other squash but is more […]

Celeriac and Carrot soup

November 17, 2010
Posted by Lucy

  Wednesday 17th November Check out the blog I’ve just posted on the Local markets website: I’ve been getting celeriac for a few weeks now in my veggie box and am starting to get into them. The first few week I simply steam themed and then mashed them up, providing a very nice base to […]

Mushy Roast Garlic and Cherry Tomato Pasta

November 15, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday 15th November I just found this on the Good Food Mood Blog and loved it!! I would always ensure that I was having protein with my meal so would add a handful of red kidney beans or a tin of tuna to this. Mushy Roast Garlic and Cherry Tomato Pasta Serving this little supper […]

Carrot, butter bean and Celeriac Curry

November 3, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 3rd November Check out my blog today on Local Markets for some interesting facts about carrots!!! Below is the curry I did… I’ve been eating it all week and its lovely and tasty! I adapted this recipe from a Jamie Oliver recipe I found – I am always looking for easy curries and this one […]

Pumpkin and coconut soup

October 27, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday October 27th I’m loving the recipe for local markets this week – Halloween is such a great time of year.. I think pumpkin goes great with those warming spices such as ginger, garlic, chilli or cumin… I’ve adapted this from Global Gourmet Pumpkin and Coconut soup 1 medium (peeled and cubed) pumpkin – remember to cut […]

Courgette and Halloumi Salad

September 29, 2010
Posted by Lucy

    This week I’m going to talk about courgettes. We’ve had the sweetest courgettes for the summer and I’ve mostly been eating them raw, grated in a salad or sliced up in a pitta bread. However, as the season comes to an end, I’ve been roasting them up for the top of my Autumn […]

Crispy Kale

September 10, 2010
Posted by Lucy

I’m not sure if I should even call this a recipe as it contains so few ingredients!! I rarely use oil in cooking but sometimes you want that crispy taste and with crispy kale – it goes perfectly. I find a great way of getting extra vegetables into my diet (making sure I’m getting as […]


September 9, 2010
Posted by Lucy

There is also a yummy recipe for guacamole… one of my favourite dips! Homemade guacamole 3 avocados – peeled, stones removed and mashed 1 lime – juiced 1 small handful of fresh coriander (optional) 2 tomatoes – diced 1 clove of garlic 2 teaspoons of yogurt A pinch of salt and black pepper A pinch […]

Roasted tomato and pinto bean salad

September 1, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday September 1st Read my blog today on Local Markets for some interesting facts about tomatoes! I’ve included the recipe below to give you a taster! Roasted tomato and pinto bean salad For this recipe I’ve stolen Nigella’s great way of roasting tomatoes called ‘moon blushing’. Simply cut about 400g of cherry tomatoes in half, place on a […]

Hot and Spicy Romanesco Cabbage with Lentils

August 25, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 25th August Check out my blog today on for some healthy tips and hints with this great looking cabbage! Romanesco Cabbage The type of cabbage shown here is a Romanesco cabbage. I actually thought it was a type cauliflower so treated it like one when I cooked it. Cabbage is part of the cruciferous […]

Baked sweet potato with Feta

August 17, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday August 17th I found this today on and thought it sounded yummy! Sweet potatoes are a great alternative to normal potatoes and contain plenty of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which are powerful anti-oxidants which help to keep you healthy all year round. 4 Sweet potatoes (150-200g/5-7oz each) 300g (11oz) feta cheese 2 […]

Grated vegetable salad

July 20, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday 20th July Even though the weather hasn’t been great, I still find that most evenings I just want a tasty salad for dinner. They are so quick and easy to make and involve little or no preparation.  I came up with this the other day for dinner. Courgettes are an excellent source of Manganese […]

Green Bean salad

July 13, 2010
Posted by Lucy

The markets and vegetable shops are just bursting with greens at the moment and they are all so fresh and tasty… I’ve recently joined the Kinsale Community Growers scheme which is the next best thing to growing your own! Each week I get a box of everything that has grown that week and this week […]

Goats cheese and Beetroot salad

July 12, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday July 12th I had a friend down for the week with her kids and there was little time for cooking with all the activities going on. It made me realise that summer is just perfect for quick and easy cooking. The most important thing is to have a range of foods in your fridge […]

Root vegetable chips

June 24, 2010
Posted by Lucy

I’m getting great sweet baby turnips from the community garden at the moment and if I’m not grating them into my salads I’m roasting them like this. Graham, a dear friend of mine, bought me a special chip making roasting tray which really means you don’t need oil to make roasties! I noticed on the […]

Fennel and Tomato Salad

June 23, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 23rd June Sometimes I forget that making a quick healthy meal is so easy and tasty. People think that it needs hours of preparation.. no it doesn’t! What it does need is planning so that when you open the cupboard or fridge there are plenty of options. I had this simple side salad for […]


June 16, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday June 16th Yesterday I bought a lovely bunch of asparagus. The asparagus season lasts about 4-6 week so my advice is – eat as much as you can now!!!!!!!! Asparagus is a great prebiotic, which means its feeds the good gut bacteria – keeping your immune system in check. However, its also a good […]

Leek and Tomato Frittata

June 8, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday 8th June I went to lovely family brunch on Sunday morning and I’d forgotten just how much fun brunch is. Brunch really means breakfast and lunch combined, so usually means you can throw anything on the table and people will accept it. One dish that went down particularly well was the frittata and reminded […]

Green smoothie

June 4, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Friday 4th June Coming into summer I start making smoothies a lot more. I don’t fancy huge amounts of cold liquid in the winter but when the sun starts shining, the blender comes out!! Most people make fruit smoothies but I think its better to include more vegetables in your smoothies – everyone thinks I’m […]

Simple Homemade salad

May 27, 2010
Posted by Lucy

More than Just a Salad Prepared salads feature a lot in supermarket shopping baskets. People often feel relatively satisfied that they are buying a healthier option, but there are a few things to watch out for. Firstly are the salad leaves. Try to pick salad leaves that have washed in spring water only or buy […]

Mary Kay’s Potato Salad

May 26, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 26th May I keep meeting Mary Kay at the Kinsale Farmers Market and sampling all her lovely food. I trained with Mary Kay in Ballymaloe Cookery School and since then she has gone and set up her own bakery and sells at many of the markets around Cork. Personally I think her range is […]

Homemade tomato sauce

May 20, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Thursday, May 20th Check out my article in the Cork Independent on how to eat real food this summer by making all of your meals yourself! Tomato sauce Serves 4 400g of cherry tomatoes – halved 2 medium red onions – finely chopped 3 cloves of garlic –finely chopped A handful of fresh basil […]

Nettle Soup

May 17, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday – May 17th I was over at a friend’s place for dinner last night and I felt a silent revolution happening! There has been a real move over the past few years to ‘grow your own’, with community gardens and allotments popping up all over the country. There has also been a large increase […]

Quinoa and Rocket Salad

Friday 14th May I’m just back from a photo shoot for an article I’m doing next week and I had a whole range of whole grains and fresh vegetables with me. The photographer was a bit puzzled by the quinoa and so I explained to him that this grain is considered a bit of a […]


May 11, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday May 6th Unfortunately, we have been poorly educated around fat. As a result, we have all sorts of mis-conceptions around the role of fat in the diet and in our bodies. It is the quality of the fat that is important when considering fat for healthy living. Poor quality fats, often found in highly […]

Buckwheat and vegetable Asian Salad

May 3, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Tuesday May 2nd This weekend I did the chef’s table at Chapter One. I was blown away by the food and it deserves all of its rave reviews! Not only the tastes and flavours but also the beauty of each creation on the plate. What I found very interesting by the heavy influence of Asian […]

Steamed Mackerel with Butternut Squash

April 30, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Friday 30th April We are starting to come into mackerel season and this means loads of yummy mackerel for dinner. Mackerel is a great source of Omega 3 oils, which have been linked to both improved heart health and improved brain function. In it perfect for any healthy eating plan. Mackerel is generally an easy fish […]

Warm Roasted Vegetable Salad

April 21, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Wednesday 20th April Even if it starts getting a little cooler, you can still have salad but just make them a little warmer!! This is perfect for the bright evening and I’d place a fillet of salmon under the grill for 5 minutes each side and place it on top of this for a full […]

Butternut Squash and Rocket Salad

April 19, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday, 19th April I think we may as well keep going with the salads as long as we can. I feel like eating them when its sunny and warm outside – I rarely feel like eating then in the depths of winter!!! This is lovely simple salad and there is still a few butternut squashes […]

Green Pea Dip

April 12, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Monday, April 12th What a weekend!!!! Sunshine and everyone feeling good. I hope everyone got out for their 20 minutes of sun with no factor on – remember that Vitamin D is essential in terms of your immune system and is blocked with sun block. Once you’ve got your 20 minutes and are going to […]

Butternut squash soup

April 8, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Thursday 8th April Check out my gorgeous butternut squash recipe in this week’s Cork Independent. I’m having it as part of my healthy eating plan, for lunch today as I think its just lovely. I’ve just baked up some rosemary and cheese scones to with it – perfect late afternoon lunch. By the way, […]

Baba Ganoush (Aubergine Dip)

March 29, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Check my ‘What’s Coming Up’ section for information about my 4 week cookery course that will change your eating habits and have you feeling fabulous! March 29th, 2010 People tend to forget just how great dips are in terms of healthy eating. I’m not talking about the sour cream ones (!!!!) but the ones that […]

Giant tomato salsa with lentils

March 25, 2010
Posted by Lucy

The Blue Haven ‘Casual Cooking’ cookbook is a lovely little cookbook for the spring and summer, with plenty of easy tasty recipes. I was given an opportunity to supply a few recipes to promote the area of healthy eating and healthy meals. Below is one of the recipes that I have in the book – this […]

Yummy Stir Fried Cabbage

March 17, 2010
Posted by Lucy

150g of broccoli (a small head) 150g savoy cabbage 1 leek 2 spring onions 1 inch root ginger (grated) 2 cloves garlic (finely chopped) 1 tablespoon tamari (or other soy sauce) 2 tblsp Mirin Some freshly cracked pepper Cut all the veggies and set aside for 5 mins to allow the health promoting properties to […]


March 12, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Half a small red cabbage 2 beetroots 70g cashews 70g raisins Dressing 4 tablespoons Extra virgin olive oil 2 tblsp vinegar (whatever you have) 1 teaspoon honey Salt and freshly cracked pepper Wash and peel beetroot and place in a little water and steam for 30 mins. this should soften the beetroot slightly but it should still […]

Parsnip and Coconut Soup

March 12, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Friday, March 12th The cookery demo in Brennan’s went really well last night and I was reminded of how its the basics that are important in terms of cooking and health eating. We really need to keep it simple, seasonal and tasty so the idea of venturing off the track of healthy eating is inconceivable!!! […]

Cabbage slaw

March 7, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Hey All Here is a comment from one of my latest home based healthy eating cooking demos:  I think it’s a great thing for families to do together. Since the demo Mum has been over to my house and we have been food shopping together discussing the whole concept of healthy eating etc Let me […]

Cashew Stir Fry

February 18, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Cashews are such a great addition to your diet in terms of healthy eating, here is a tasty stir fry which is perfect for the evenings that you don’t have much time for cooking. Serves 4 3 oz of cashews 1 head of broccoli (cut into florets)1 yellow pepper (cut lengthways) 1 red pepper (cut […]

Cashew and Vegetable Stir fry

February 15, 2010
Posted by Lucy

I’m going to concentrate on a slightly controversial food, deemed by some to be too ‘fattening’ to be included in a healthy eating plan, but in my view are a great source of many nutrients, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.  We are talking nuts! Cashews are part of the same family as mangos – who would have […]

Kale with chickpeas, soy, chilli and garlic

February 1, 2010
Posted by Lucy

I’ve adapted this recipe from The River Cottage Diary I was given for Christmas.  There may be a few more adaptations throughout the year! You can have this healthy eating dish as a light supper for 2, use is as a side dish for a nice curry, or make a full meal by placing on a bed of […]

Coconut, lentil and kale soup

February 1, 2010
Posted by Lucy

I adore this soup and never realised that soy sauce with coconut milk would provide such a yummy result! If you are ever stuck with which legumes to use in a dish, lentils are great in that they don’t need soaking or pre cooking (handy!) and are equally as good as all other legumes in […]

Kale soup

January 16, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Dear All, Well, we’re back from our holidays and its time to start prioritising our health and fitness levels again. So I thought I’d start the year with a great underused vegetable which is in the height of its season… Kale The Star Ingredient: Healthy Eating with Kale Its often hard to find kale in supermarkets […]

Roast Root Vegetables salad

January 7, 2010
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Roast Root Vegetables Salad Try this as a warm salad with some chopped up leftover meat from the night before, a great healthy eating meal. 2 beetroots 2 parsnips 2 carrots 2 small sweet potatoes 1 inch root ginger – grated Salt and pepper to taste Chopped parsley Selection of salad leaves Pre […]

Healthy Eating recipes : Spiced Cauliflower soup

December 9, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes : Spiced Cauliflower soup I made this healthy eating soup for a family dinner this weekend and I thought it was yummy – not sure about the colour though – turmeric seems to give everything this off yellow colour – this is where lashings of chopped coriander comes in!! A great part […]

Mackerel with leek and parsley sauce

November 17, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating fish recipes: Mackerel with leek and parsley sauce This is such an easy recipe and you can make this with any fish, I just happened to have some mackerel left over in my freezer and needed to use this up. Mackerel is an oily fish which means it is packed full of Omega […]

Sweet potato and potato leek soup

November 17, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Sweet potato and potato leek soup This soup is one of my winter healthy eating favourites. I use sweet potato as well to top up the antioxidants to protect me from winter colds. I actually use mung beans in this recipe but use any bean you want. Of all the beans, I […]

Asian Steamed Broccoli

November 10, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Asian steamed Broccoli I’m introducing another taste here which is good for healthy eating vegetables. Firstly, Thai fish sauce is a great flavour to add to any stir fries, curries or Asian dishes. Unusual on its own (to say the least) but its great when it works with other flavours. It keeps […]

Chinese Green Salad

November 10, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Chinese Green Salad The vegetables are lightly cooked (the best method for healthy eating) and then covered in the dressing straight away to ensure that the flavours are absorbed. Mikawa Mirin is available from all good food stores and some supermarkets and is great for stir fries – its a match made in […]

Pumpkin and Rocket Gnocchi

November 4, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Pumpkin and Rocket Gnocchi I just love these tasty gnocchi from the cookbook ‘Soup and Beyond’ and I think they are great with just a sprinkling of extra virgin olive oil and some grated Parmesan. One little tip is take out a little extra rocket and nibble it while you are cooking these. The bitter […]

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

November 4, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Spicy Pumpkin Soup This is a great winter warming healthy eating soup and is just so tasty. If you are going to have it as a meal, its great as a lunch at work or when you get home late from work and don’t have much time, then always add a little […]

Chickpea Stew

October 18, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Chickpea Stew This is a great winter stew and can last you over a few days. Again I’m not using any cooking oils for healthy eating. I’m going to try to get you experiment with this to see how you go. Cooking with oils has been linked to increased free radical damage […]

Leek and Chickpea Soup

October 18, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating Recipes: Leek and Chickpea Soup This is a simple, feel good healthy eating soup that tastes lovely. I garnish it with chopped fresh coriander leaves to add colour and you’ll have some left over from your Chickpea stew! The leeks in this are great prebiotics (this means that they feed the good bacteria […]

Chickpea and carrot salad with roasted cashews

October 12, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Chickpea and carrot salad with roasted cashews This serves 2 portions. Cumin and carrot is a match made in heaven and this simple salad is great for putting in a lunchbox and taking to work.  This dish is perfect for healthy eating and packed full of fibre with the carrots and chickpeas, and the […]

Warming Carrot and Ginger soup

October 12, 2009
Posted by Lucy

Healthy Eating recipes: Warming Carrot and Ginger soup This is a lovely winter healthy eating soup as its got a nice kick from the ginger. Ginger is one of the best spices going, if there was a category ‘Super spices’, this would be in the top three. It is excellent for calming digestive problems and […]