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Create your Pathway to Health

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7 Day Meal Plans

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Good Mood Food

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new you planYou too can have the health and the relationship with yourself that you deeply desire. Its a matter of finding a nutritionist that fits with who you are and supports you to feel good as good as we can feel so that you can live your life to the best of your abilities. You want energy, vitality and connection.

That is what Food for Living is all about. Its about increased awareness. Its about more than a finding a nutritionist, its about holistic nutrition: how food can help open the connection between mind, body and soul.

I’ve created a range of options for you:

My 3  month “Back to You” nutrition program is the perfect place to start if you feel its time to reconnect, listen and get back in touch with what you really want from your health. This transformation programme puts you back in the driving seat and is driven completely by you. 

My 7 day meal plans are the perfect introduction to what a health promoting and vitality giving diet looks like. There are 8 meal plans to choose from or I’ve hundreds of healthy recipes and blogs for you to explore.

You may need more than a nutritionist, you may want an complete overhaul of your food lifestyle. Contact me on for more.