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Healthy Living Solutions

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Balanced Diet Meal Plans

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Balanced Diet Meal Plans

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Healthy Lifestyle Course

"Back to You" 3 month programme

Healthy Lifestyle Course

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Lucy’s Story

Its like I was born into the world of health and care and have continually come back to this world throughout my life.... READ MORE

Love your Health

Lucy's Nutrition Club with Newgrange Gold Health Oils

Love your Health

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A Nutritionist for You

Food and Health Coach using creativity to allow you come up with your own perfect pathway to health

nutritionistYou too can have the health and the relationship with yourself that you deeply desire. Its a matter of finding a nutritionist that fits with who you are and supports you to feel good as good as we can feel so that you can live our life to the best of your abilities. You want energy, vitality and connection.

Well, thats what I want, and thats what Food for Living is all about. Its about increased awareness, Its about holistic nutrition: how food can help open the connection between mind, body and soul.


You might be at the point where you want to create a deeper connection to your health and your body and want to see how food can help you do this. My online healthy living sessions are great for this.


You might simply want a balanced diet plan or a guidance on what a health boosting diet really looks like. Either choose one of my meal plans or I’ve hundreds of recipes and blogs for you to explore.


Or you might be ready to start your journey towards improving your awareness of just how good you can feel. My healthy lifestyle course can guide you on living a health filled life you really want.


You’ve got hundreds of reasons why shouldn’t start today… Ask yourself are they really true for you? 


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